Builder Reward Results (November)

Hi everyone! :raised_hands:

Finally, November Builder Rewards voting is closed. On behalf of the Incognito fam, I’d love to say thanks to TL3 members for casting your votes, to all community members for following up with the program, and especially to builders for helping to build the Incognito ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at the final results!

Final results

As usual, we will distribute PRV rewards to builders’ Incognito addresses according to the percentage of votes they received. Congratulations @q9656296, @Andireuter, @Sato, @J053, @Abduraman, @Thriftinkid, @raz, @taind, @incsmile, @Josh_Hamon, and @inccry !!!

Product Builder Votes received % of votes PRV reward
Incognito x Telegram integration @q9656296 13 9.70% 1940
Incognito x Signal integration @Andireuter 13 9.70% 1940
Convy - The Incognito convert helper @Sato 8 5.97% 1194
ENSI Telegram Bot @J053 8 5.97% 1194
IncogWhaleBot @Abduraman 9 6.72% 1343
Python API for Incognito SDK @Abduraman 0 0.00% 0
Earnings Tracker @Thriftinkid 6 4.48% 896 - Web wallet @raz (ZGEN team) 5 3.73% 746
LSB - Wallet Extension @Taind 19 14.18% 2836
pStore - platform for building privacy apps @Incsmile 16 11.94% 2388
Nito - Telegram bot @Josh_Hamon 7 5.22% 1045
Network Explorer @Inccry 30 22.39% 4478
Total 134 100% 20,000

The pot for November was 20,000 PRV. If you’re new to the community, and would like to know more about how reward distribution works, read through this explanation >


After December’s rewards, we will make a summary of the program results as well as builders’ achievements in the 1st year.

The conclusions we draw from evaluating the program will be good references for us to make improvements with Builder Rewards v.2.

:construction_worker_man: :construction_worker_woman: To builders, do keep up the great work, continue delivering features, and regularly update the community on your progress. Let’s make December the most exciting month with all your creativity and ingenuity !

Thanks, everyone. I wish you a great month ahead. :black_heart: