Build tools for independent teams

1. What problem are you solving?

Currently, thousands of transactions take place on the Incognito chain, app and system every day. However, there are still some limitations – especially with the app. There are often bugs and issues with UI and UX.

2. What is the solution?

Build system monitor to ensure stability, solve issues quickly, and improve performance. Improve existing dashboards and system tools to more efficiently improve user experience and deliver cross-team support.

Here is current status :

  • Current issues on github: 48 issues.
  • No daily process for hotfix.
  • No where dashboard monitor growth metric
  • No dashboard to broadcast notification messages.
    Broadcast message to all user device with format : title/message

3. Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

We’re lucky in that people actually use Incognito products. We’re also lucky to get lots of feedback from our users, so on our end, we need to take that feedback and work in the most efficient way possible to refine the product.

4. Who are you?

The project will be implemented by @binh , @tan , and @mo_tran on the core wallet team.

5. Why do you care?

We simply want to offer users an intuitive, well-designed product experience.

6. What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

This is my schedule for the year:

Timeline Deliverables
April 30 Track and fix 70% of current github issues.
April 30 Release hotfix weekly on April 9, April 16, April 24, April 30
April 15 Release Notification dashboard & Dashboard monitor

Dashboard monitor checklist:

  • Daily successful deposits transactions, sortable by currency
  • Daily total amount of deposits, sortable by currency
  • Daily successful trades, sortable by trading pairs( trading pairs, volume buy )
  • Daily trading volume
  • Daily new virtual Node/node setup
  • Daily withdrawal transactions, sortable by currency
  • Daily amount withdrawn from Incognito Chain, sortable by currency

I will also:

  • Maintain a good environment for testing
  • Ensure every engineer has the tools they need to succeed
  • Monitor devnet, testnet statuses
  1. What’s your budget?
Resource Cost Quantity Monthly Cost
Technical Lead + Backend 2,000 PRV 1 2,000 PRV
Mobile Frontend 1000 PRV 1 1000 PRV
TOTAL (x 1 months) 3,000 PRV
  1. Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

Not yet on this forum. Let us know what you think!

  1. Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Thank you for helping us build Incognito, and please continue to share your thoughts and suggestions! Every idea and opinion is valued.


thank you team to looking this proposal,
now I’m here to update for first week we work:

- great news is app version #3.6.5 with notification has already to update both android and ios.
- release dashboard monitor report.
- release notification & dashboard notification.
- release hotfix UI.
- fix some buglist.
- fix full-node overload issues.

In progress:
- We will hotfix to update homescreen.
- We will improve UI/UX for pdex.
- fix bugs withdraw failed status on history.
- build CI for build android & ios app.
- we will improve UI on incognito site.

also you can reply to discuss on what big issue we can priority hight to quick fix.


Hey Binh!
Looks like a lot of work have been done for the past week.

I have a suggestion, if some of features were release in the past week, would be awesome if you could add a screenshots or some other visuals, like LInh does on “Node Tree” (multi-pNode set). It’s looks impressive and showing a big picture for new and existed users.

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yes, i agree, we should add some screenshots which features we have done. in terms of notification dashboard do you build it by your own or use third party solution. at constant we are using onesignal to tracking sent/clicked rate and also can do a/b testing, it’s very useful.

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@zon @andrey thanks for reply and suggest more idea.
Hi, I’m very happy to update for this week, what’s we working on.

Finish :

Fix Withdraw wrong ETH Address .
New Home UI

  1. APP-193: Make failed status 9,10 for decentralize when withdraw pending status 9/10
  2. APP-178: Tracking Click_notifications event cho Firebase.
  3. APP-177: app setup node fix : password auto upcase Password
  4. APP-94: Support read address from scan QRCODE contain network name “bitcoin: , eth: , xrm:…”
  5. APP-170: Sometimes, user cannot get notification system in some phones (Android and IOS)
  6. APP-191: Update text at popup backup account affter setup node success.
  7. QR-CODE show & popup QRCode settings/account/detail

In progress:

  • we will add feature filter on dashboard
  • add more 2 plugins on website.
  • continue fix bugs and improve app.

New Home UI/UX

Dashboard monitor UI.


update for last Apirl 24:
what’s finish :
today we release #
-finished many major bugs

  • improve new home UI.
  • validate address.
  • max button fee.
  • re-try failed transaction tx.
  • Send/withdraw button are enabled. user input wrong information when switching wrong data to valid data and wrong data.


  • we’re hard working to delivery before end of Apirl to give new UI/UX for :
    • Wallet.
    • Shield / Unshield.

many thanks - let me know your thoughts.

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@binh can you please finalize the month and share the whole month update ? :pray:

hi, with one month I and finally review result commit :

Timeline Deliverables
April 30 Track and fix 70% of current github issues.
April 30 Release hot-fix weekly on April 9, April 16, April 24, April 30
April 15 Release Notification dashboard & Dashboard monitor

we achievements :

  • fix 90% old bugs list. with many
  • release new UI/UX app.
  • release dashboard monitor and export data.
  • release notification dashboard to notification to any screen on app.
    also we did :
  • review & refactor base components, base style in app : 60% source.
  • reduce site release of the app save 50% resource. old app site 106mb. new app site 50mb.
  • maintain website, fix backup & restore website.
  • we create new api to fix Node Screen.

thanks you.

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