BTC Shielding not working!! HELP!!

I started a shielding transaction on bitcoin. I sent the btc to the address provided (more than 0.001). Three confirmations already on BTC network. Now in my incognito wallet I don’t see the shielding transaction, can’t track it progress and don’t know what’s happening. Did I lost my BTC?? Help me please! @support
Edit: 7 confirmations, still can’t see my BTC on my incognito wallet. Oh god… this is bad!

Don’t worry, nothing is lost.
Could you please give me the tx hash which you transfer your BTC to the shield address!

I don’t know what I did, but now I can see the shield transaction completed. It was a big fright for a while! Also, noticed every shielding transaction will have the same BTC destination address from now on? Is it good for privacy? I mean everybody could know how much I shielded from the beginning just looking at the BTC shielding address. Thank you for your kind answer.

Hi @Web_Mon,
We are sorry to make you worry about that. We would like to give you some more information about shielding. After your BTC transaction is confirmed with 6 blocks, please wait for about 5-7 minutes, let our workers and our protocol process your shielding request, and update your balance and shielding history. Thanks for your patience.

One more thing, as you said, one Incognito address maps only one BTC shielding address. Maybe anyone can see the total shielding amount from the beginning (same as the old protocol before). But there is an improvement in the new protocol, the unshielding request is private, no one can know you are unshielding.

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