BTC price for buy and sell

Dear friends,
I’m curious why the price when I buy or sell BTC is around 8% higher then price on the Wallet prices in Incognito?

Hello @Dew,

Please refresh (by swiping down) on the home screen of your app and send another screenshot showing the BTC price displayed.

hi @Dew, the price where you sell or buy BTC is for pair BTC/PRV, the price in the markets tab is price of BTC against USDT.

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Both snap shots taken at 5pm US central time. See difference in price. BTC has not been at $47k for weeks.

There’s nothing wrong with the price or the app.

You’re looking at BTC / PRV in one screenshot versus BTC in USD.

Additionally the first shot is a limit order where you are stipulating a fixed price to trade at in PRV terms.