Bruno - Stake Reward Calculator

Hello @sid,
yeah… Thank you for writing me.

The endpoint is not working well.
Calculator don’t get the whole network stake.

I think it’s relating to many opened topic in the near past where the network is not working.
I hope it will be fixed soon.


API fixed
Thank you for support!

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I like this estimator.

Curious how you came ~32 PRV for reward frequency though. Wouldn’t ~20 PRV be more accurate with a small chance of ~30 PRV?

2 epochs with the chance of a 3rd?


Yes, you’re right. It’s too much.
I will update it.

Hello guys!

  • Updated PRV fixed 28% APY
  • Estimated reward frequency changed to 20 PRV / week
  • Added web wallet link

Thank you for support!


Thanks for the update, I really like your tool and use it every week

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I hope in the future Bruno will get more function to calculate more detail, I still think about your product and when I have any ideas I will tell you


@Bruno - how about adding a capability to export to excel or download a projection based on the data fed in the form? This way, we could tweak the numbers to compare returns if we re-staked at a faster or slower rate? Or we could tweak some other numbers, if we wanted to?


Sir,:point_up_2: This website update or not because now incognito give 28%.

Website not lode on my phone :neutral_face:

Hey thank you. I found that bug. Fixed.

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Could you screenshot it or tell me more detail?

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