[Bridge Request] Haven Protocol listing

Hey everyone, I’m a member of the Haven Protocol (XHV) community and I would like to propose building a bridge to the Haven blockchain.

Haven is an ecosystem of private synthetic assets built on a monero fork, the main coin is XHV and owning it allows you to mint xAssets. For now the only xAsset is xUSD (which is the first and only private stablecoin): if you have 10 XHV and XHV is at $7 (according to the decentralized oracle), you can mint 70 xUSD (minus a 0.2% fee).

More xAssets are coming soon though and our users will able to mint xGold, xSilver, xEUR and xCNY. All xAssets are as private as XMR and follow the price of gold, silver, EUR and CNY, respectively.

I think adding Haven to Incognito would be a great idea because your users care about privacy and want to trade a wide variety of assets (including non-crypto assets). Transaction fees are also much cheaper than Synthetix’s synths.

I also know for a fact that XHV holders would love to provide liquidity on your pDEX because there is currently no way to earn interest on XHV or xUSD.

If you have any question I would love to answer them here but you can also contact Haven team and community on discord (https://discord.gg/haven)and twitter (@HavenXHV)!


I bought some XHV. Ready to buy more to provide liquidity if necessary. Big fan of XHV and Incognito. Excited to see the possibility of a bridge


If it follows the price of silver then is it backed by silver somehow?
Minting coins can be done privately here so what is the advantage of making a coin on that platform?


@boringasdead Yeah it’s a great match imo, it offers interesting assets to incognito traders and you could exit incognito with a private stablecoin which it is pretty cool!

@Silvercap718 No, xAssets like xSilver are what some call algorithmic stablecoins or synthetic assets meaning that their value is backed by XHV and their price is updated every block by a decentralized oracle (currently Chainlink is taking care of this). If you are familiar with Synthetix, xAssets are basically synths that are as private as XMR. To my knowledge you can’t create silver, gold or APPL tokens on Incognito; I’m new so feel free to correct me.


I would also love to see this. Wonder if there’s any possibility of it happening.

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Wonder if there’s been any correspondence between the Haven and Incognito devs. I know it’s a busy time now for Haven with their THORchain and Cake Wallet integrations, but all the more reason to get it listed on the pDEX, as the ability to trade it privately seems like the perfect fit.

I will ask the dev team to discuss the possibility of adding a Haven bridge. While Haven Protocol (XHV) ranks rather low on both CoinMarketCap (#378) and CoinGecko (#532) than other bridges we are currently focused on, it does appear to be ideal as it aligns with our mission regarding privacy and decentralization. Seeing that there is community interest this should help us to allocate resources to developing this bridge.

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Do you have any news about it?