Branding for the reduction of the block reward

The reward will decrease by nine-tenth about two months later. Like bitcoin “halving”, I think we should find a name for this event and announce/organize a campaign to celebrate it.

Name suggestion for the event: tening :slight_smile:


:joy: sounds like a good idea.
I like the sound of “The Great Reduction”, makes it more dramatic


Block v.9 LOL

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The screw turning

The squeeze

“.Jump” Point jump

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Maybe just a stupid question but i don’t understand why the reward will be decrease ?

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Staking reward goes down every so often. Eventually all the PRV will be “mined” and no more will be generated.

From the whitepaper :open_book:

40 years is long time enough to prevent inflation and for good for long term project development. I hope I can hold PRV until that day :smiley:

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