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I have created a provably fair PRV gambling website. The site works instantly with no user account required, enter your PRV address, send some PRV, and get more back instantly (if you win, of course).

General Information

  • Current Bet Limits: 0.0001 - ~250 PRV (as of time of posting)
  • If you send lower than minimum bet amount, no game is performed and the PRV is considered a donation. If you send above the maximum amount, no game will be performed but your PRV will automatically return minus a 1% fee. There is some protection implemented for the case of shifting bankroll amounts (eg. you try to bet max but someone else lowers the bankroll while your bet is pending, causing the max bet to decrease slightly.)
  • House edge is not taken from round odds (you always have true 50/50 odds of winning/losing), but from the payout you receive, which is 1.98x.
  • For more generic information, you can view them at or ask questions below.

Play Guide

  1. To get started, visit the site, enter your PRV address you want to receive any payouts to in the input box, and click ‘Play’.

  2. You’ll be brought to the main game page, that shows you: your payout address, your deposit address and a QR code for it, options to check for new games as well as manage your seeds, and a past history of games you have completed.


Addresses removed to prevent anyone from getting confused and sending to them.

  1. Then, to actually play all you need to do is send to the deposit address (if you’re playing on a computer and have incognito on your phone you can scan the QR code which makes things a lot easier) within the bet limits. Minimum is 0.0001 PRV bet, which is fixed, and the maximum is currently around 250 PRV, which will vary depending on bankroll size.

  2. Once you send the PRV, wait for it to confirm on the network and then around an additional 30 seconds-1 minute for the website to be able to detect it. The entire process takes about 2-3 minutes. When you think it should be good, you can click the ‘Check for new games’ button to see if it’s detected yet. If it is, you will see a new entry under the History section. If you don’t wait a few seconds and then try again.

  3. When you click on the game under the History section, you will see a coinflip animation showing if you won or lost, as well as the raw numerical result. If you win, you should receive the PRV to you within a minute, but in some cases it may take up to a few minutes.


Seed Management Guide

When you are on the main game page, after entering your PRV address, you have the option to manage your seeds. In it you can view your current client seed, as well as update it to whatever you want and invalidate the past server seeds and display them - which allows you to validate the results of completed games.

  1. To begin, get to the main game page by entering your PRV address on the home page, and then click on the ‘Seed Management’ button.

  2. You will be brought to a page that tells you how to validate your seed if you choose to invalidate it, as well as your current seed. If you choose to invalidate and don’t specify a new client seed, one will be randomly generated for you.



  1. If you do invalidate, you can use the information combined with the third party link to validate game rolls. The nonce is the Game ID, and it’s important to note that once you change your seed and make new bets, the starting nonce will change (nonce 0 on a new seed won’t match your game 0 anymore, but this is how it should work, so don’t be alarmed.)

Note before playing

This project is newly made, and has only undergone standard testing. Things may break and bugs may occur, if you experience one please report it to me so I can fix it ASAP and make the experience as smooth as possible.


Is it the same?

No, these are different projects.


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i put a receiving address, added funds clicked play and all i get is a wheel spinning… then ERROR

Hi, please try again and see if it works for you now.

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ok i got it going… won once lost once kinda cool, what are you going to do to it now?

I decided to try it. Lost haha :cry:

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Is there a limit in the number of games playable?
I’ve played fine but after “Game 9” I’ve sent yesterday another 0.06 PRV and no more play avalable when I “check for new games”.

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This was a visual bug, it is now fixed.