Better Incognito app experience

this week we held some internal focus groups and continued to churn out sketches. while we’re seeing a good number of transactions at the moment, we think the flow could definitely be improved.

if you’d like to be a beta tester for the incognito app, just reply to this topic!

here are some changes we are considering – remove ‘in-network/out-network’ for both send and receive (generally considered to be confusing). Separate into 4 core actions: shield, unshield, send, receive.

on the new balances page (vault? wallet? keychain? name undecided, let me know what you think), users will see their total shielded balance in PRV. they will have the choice to shield more, or unshield their coins and remove them from the incognito network. account selection will remain.

When users tap on a coin, say Ethereum, they’ll enter the ‘in-network’ flow - sending and receiving confidentially between incognito wallets. no confusion here with out-network options.

this coming week, we’ll all work in parallel. we’ll aim to get the new flow on the staging app, keep talking to people, and keep exploring ways to improve on what we have. the chain team will also work on the backend to improve the user experience, reducing the likelihood of tx error or order timeout – especially when it comes to out-network transactions like shield and unshield.

looking forward to updating you guys again soon!


[quote=“ning, post:8, topic:1955”]
if you’d like to be a beta tester for the incognito app, just reply to this topic
[/quote] you mean we can be a beta tester before the official release??

I want to be a tester
IMG_20200514_155625_649, 30%

I would like to be a tester.

:point_up:Sign me up

I would love to test the new app

I’m in.

I’ll be a beta tester, I def would like to see some improvements and give feedback. As prob one of the least crypto knowledgeable I can give some perspective from a very new user :slight_smile:


@eldad - yes i’d love to get some feedback once we get the rough shape of the new app up and running. let me know if you are interested.

and thanks @J053, @CodedInk-KryptoHolic, @ChrisMac, @Revolve, @abduraman and @Joe_Moffett! if all goes according to plan, we should have something for you guys to have a look at next week.

i’ll get a group set up between us when that’s ready so we can all brainstorm. :v:


Hell yeah :sunglasses: number one :ok_hand:


Yes this would be awesome. I’m in, just let me know. Have a great day!

Sounds good, can’t wait

I’m in

im up for trying it out

hello everyone! hope you’re having a good start to the week.

first - thanks everyone who offered to be a tester! to acquire valuable feedback while continuing to improve the app as efficiently as possible, next month, we’ll work on allowing you guys to toggle onto the testnet. this will allow you to play around with the product as much as you need without worrying about limits or loss of funds.

thanks again for offering your time to helping us improve incognito!

this week, in conjunction with the pDEX team, we launched pDEX v.2. our aim for this was to clean up the interface, increase responsiveness, add safeguards where needed, reduce confusion, and introduce lots of white space (so everyone can breathe a little).

if you haven’t tried it yet, just update your app and tap on trade. we’d love to have your feedback! @abduraman has already started a feedback thread here. Please share your thoughts.

thanks to everyone who updated your app ratings to reflect improvements, and to some new users who are getting to know the project (welcome!), we’ve also hit our goals for the respective app stores.

App store:

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 2.51.28 PM

Play store:

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 2.50.07 PM

we’re so happy to hear that user experiences are improving – especially the pNode experience which was pretty rough at the beginning. thanks for sticking by us while we pushed improvements.

we’re running a few days late for the new wallet core. hope to release it within the next week or so, once it’s in decent shape. :crossed_fingers:


Pdex v2?? Is the pkyber, p0x, pUniswap integrated already??


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This is my feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

" Create default wallet is pDex. All send, receive, shield, unshield are pDex wallet "

And do some update asf:

  1. Home menu
  2. Wallet tab
  3. Invest interface
  4. Send interface
  5. Receive interface

1 . Home menu

Remove receive icon
Remove send icon
Remove buy prv
Add " Unshield/Withdraw" icon

  1. Wallet Tab
    shield unshield

Add " unshield " icon

  1. Invest interface

Remove deposit , withdraw, invest tab . Suggested to create similar trade interface

  1. Send interface

Remove in network - out network tab

  1. Receive interface

Remove in network - out network interface

:smile: too many head and too many suggestion. This is just feedback.

Conculsion :

Make user familiar that " send & receive coin " are for incognito network only.
Shield is deposit coin/token from outside main network to incognito network
Unshield is withdraw coin/token from incognito network to outside main network

Please add icon " Read it " at home menu.
Consist of short content such as
" send & receive coin " are for incognito network only.
Shield is deposit coin/token from outside main network to incognito network
Unshield is withdraw coin/token from incognito network to outside main network"

that’s it atm… cheers

oh ya, i like if at home menu to list also this . probably to named icon " Market "


thanks for your detailed feedback! to address some of your points:

  1. with the current pdex update, you can trade from any account. that should make the experience a little more streamlined.

  2. agreed on making users familiar with the difference between ‘inside’ transactions and ‘outside’ transactions. as you can see from some of my screenshots above, we will be separating shield/unshield from send/receive.

  3. we’ll also be removing many of the redundancies from the home screen - and yes, hint text where appropriate!

appreciate you taking the time to post this!