Best privacy apps: my top 10 privacy apps

The world is becoming less and less private. Apps can collect and dispose of all our personal information. I don’t like it! I decided to use privacy apps completely. I found the best privacy apps for me and made my top 10 privacy apps:


I was a regular WhatsApp user, but this messenger updated its privacy policy and shares my personal information with its other products. I switched to Signal App (the most secure messenger). Do you know a more secure messenger?


Telegram App messenger is not as secure as Signal App, but all my friends use it. Telegram’s privacy policy is acceptable to me at the moment. It is one of the most secure and popular messengers. You probably use Telegram too. What do you think of it?


The DuckDuckGo search engine is the best alternative to Google. DuckDuckGo does not collect my personal information or follow me. DuckDuckGo’s search engine is good for me. I find everything I need. Do you really still use Google?

Tor Browser

I like that Tor Browser is based on Firefox which I have been using for a long time. Tor Browser routes all traffic through the anonymous Tor network, and after each session, it deletes my private data and browsing history. I love Tor. Do you?

Incognito Crypto Wallet

My interest in cryptocurrencies came from the privacy of crypto payments. It turns out it’s not that private. But Incognito Crypto Wallet App completely provides privacy to my crypto payments.


The ProtonMail uses client-side encryption so I have peace of mind about my emails. It’s a secure and private email app for me. What kind of privacy mail app do you use?


I use ProtonVPN when I have a public Internet connection (cafe, co-working, etc.). I like that ProtonVPN sends all my traffic through a secure VPN tunnel. I have peace of mind about my private data and passwords. What privacy VPN app do you use?


Hundreds of companies track my activity and collect my personal data daily. I can block my data collection with Disconnect in one click. It also makes pages and apps load much faster. Have you tried Disconnect yet?


The Jumbo app scans all my apps and services and offers recommendations to improve my privacy and online security. I’ve deleted voice recordings from Amazon Alexa, browse Linkedin privately, cleaned my digital social media footprint with Jumbo. How has Jumbo helped you?


Anomo is an anonymous dating app. Dating and communication are based on common interests only. You chat anonymously, play games in Anomo, and then you can safely share information about yourself. Where else can you meet the same privacy freak?)

What privacy apps do you use?


I use Tutanota, also really secure.


Mullvad accepts ₿itcoin and it is a really fast and great VPN :smiley:


No, but sounds interesting. Is it an app, a web extension, or what? Also, where can I download it?



I use airvpn. One of the best


You listed some great admirable companies here that I strongly endorse. I’ll be looking into Anomo too as that’s a new one on me.

Thank you for raising this discussion.

Are you using uBlock Origin as a Firefox extension? Excellent bare minimum privacy improvement, so easy your grandma can use it.

The same dev offers uMatrix which allows you to monitor/intercept services on webpages on a granular basis. It will break most websites, slow down your browsing, but if you are comfortable reading between the lines so to speak, it is an irreplaceable tool for browsing.


Incognito letting Google run scripts on this page :face_vomiting:
Doesn’t mean we end users need to!


Anomo not off to a good start:

To join Anomo network you will have to complete our online registration form, where we ask you to provide us with information about you such as your name, your email address, your gender, your date of birth, your location details.
We may share aggregated information that includes your personal information (but which doesn’t identify you directly), together with other information including log data with third parties for industry analysis and demographic profiling and to deliver targeted advertising about other products and services.

In particular, in relation to targeted advertising, we use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Website. These companies may use information about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

They list Facebook as a partner! Take them off your list! lol


DuckDuckGo is excellent is also worth a mention, especially for their “Anonymous View” function that creates a proxy connection to whatever website you’re selecting from their search results!


From time to time I do a deep dive into an aspect of my life that I want to really understand. The one I did most recently was messaging apps.

Signal and telegram are better than whatsapp but both are still collecting user information simply because your account is tied to your cellular phone number. Your phone number is KYC’ed either directly because you get a bill from your cellular phone company OR indirectly because you’ve given your phone number to banks, credit cards, service providers, etc which report your phone number to public databases.

Any app (especially messaging platforms) that collect your entire phone book thus know who is in your phone (who you know) and creates a relationship map. Big data knows who you are calling or messaging the most, what times you tend to communicate with that person, and it’s all tied to real identity simply for a phone number. This metadata is almost more important than the contents of your messages.

What to use instead? I have started using
There are apps for all platforms. It’s actually a blockchain project but you would have no idea using the app. You’re given a wallet address, so no KYCed phone number. Messages are routed through TOR and processed using nodes.

Here’s an infographic about metadata from popular apps. Sorry if this sounds like a shill but it’s really not! I’m just an happy end user.
2021-01-20 07.21.52


Messages are not routed through tor but through lokinet. It’s their own network similar to tor.


Good correction. I saw “onion routing” and incorrectly associated it with TOR. It’s onion routing over the lokinet. It makes multiple hops.

The metadata leak is my main highlight—there are very few messaging apps that do not require phone number or some level of KYC. I’ve found session is the easiest to use and I have gotten many no-coiners to use it and they don’t know they are working with a crypto project.


For your messaging deep dive, check out Jami P2P messaging. Open source, E2EE, and not reliant on a server as middle man. I suggest it as a cool project worth reflecting upon – but don’t expect anyone you know to be using it lol

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Thank you for sharing that list, I love it!

Could I make a recommendation to please include the hyperlinks to these resources :slight_smile:
Great list though and privacy will only continue to become more and more important in society.

Great resource. But what about the true privacy centric applications? Ones that you feel 100% confident in? What do people recommend for these? I recommend There are many more… But I want to learn too! What do you recommend?

Do you think Brax is a candidate for community calls?

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Cool tips from the OP and replies as well. Thanks for sharing, guys. :sunglasses::pray:

Here are my privacy apps:

  • email services: Tutanota, ProtonMail
  • VPNs: currently CyberGhostVPN, also have tried ProtonVPN, Sentinel, Orchid, Mysterium in the past
  • online storage: currently MEGA, also have tried Keybase, Internxt, Textile in the past
  • messengers: currently Telegram (using it heavily), also have tried Signal, Session, Keybase and Status in the past
  • crypto: currently Incognito Wallet, also have tried Samourai Wallet in the past
  • browsers: currently desktop Firefox with uBlock Origin and desktop+mobile Brave with all adblock filters on, also have used Tor Browser in the past
  • web search: currently DuckDuckGo and sometimes Startpage, also have tried Qwant in the past

I second using MEGA for online cloud storage—they offer end to end encryption so they don’t even know what you’re uploading (in theory). They also support connection through a proxy server.

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If you use Windows, this firewall is a must. You will realize how much stuff is being leaked.

Remove the spyware that comes with Windows 10.

Also this great link.

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