Best part of this community?

New here… not new to pNode though. What should I know about this community? Best parts? Most useful parts? Thanks for the help getting to know this community. I look forward to interacting. :grinning:


Don’t post that you would like to help build! :confused:

@MackTjan So what you’re saying is to not ask why Litecoin is not on here yet? ha… :thinking:

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That’s fine but if your offering to develop!! Do t waste your time!! They’re working on adding a few other crypto now.

I gotcha now! You have a pNode don’t you?

Not for long!

I have to say that the worst part of this blockchain is the fact they claim privacy but when you try to do anything it’s KYC verifies all the way!!

You can think of it that way or you can think of yourself as the gatekeeper to help business someday pay their employees in crypto in a private way without showing their full balance all the time. :man_shrugging:

oh an you earn with every use. i have a pnode. (full disclosure)

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If you have to verify who you are then disclosure just went out the window!! Try again!!

just go use Moreno and do something shady already :slight_smile:

Shady!!! ■■■ are you on about? Shady!!! I hide nothing! I lie about nothing!! I’m upfront about everything! I’m an all or nothing kind of guy!! If you lie to get attention then someone like me comes along and exposes you’re lies you think I’m the bad guy!! Lmao!!! You got life funked up if you think I’m shady!!! Lmao skid!!

I am fairly new as well. So far my favorite parts include the willingness of community members to lend a hand as well as the core teams ability to address the community’s concerns with well thought out responses.


The community is great, you can help develop new ideas and get answers to whatever questions you have. Incognito is new but you can help develop it


We build things, discussing ideas, meeting on Zoom, voting for valuable community members monthly.

Several members of the community have funded development projects and the future of Incognito is a decentralized autonomous organization 100% driven by its members. Its a good time to join now, the market is on fire, but be sure to only use markets with high liquidity, you could check out @inccry charts:

@MackTjan is actually not a member of the community, he is a strange guy who spamming the forum and appeared a week ago.


Hey @rolltide1112
thanks for joining us. On my opinion the best parts of the community is that you can actively participate in building Incognito

  1. You can bounce any product or growth idea and if community find it interesting or useful, it will be implemented.

  2. If you have idea, have skills and time to execute this idea, you can get funding from DAO and develop it on your own.

  3. You can start a privacy movement in your community, city, country.

Also one of the best thing is that you can get as much ownership of the initiatives as you want.

For example @raz he joined us with a strong idea to build something on top and he just started building it right away taking full ownership of it Expanding web presence: New websites for the community.


I wonder where on the Incognito platform, or wallet app, you were asked to supply your identity.

When people order a Node (fka pNode), we obviously need their details to be able to ship the device to them.


There is no KYC verify in the app or anywhere with incognito


One only needs to read the roadmap to get an idea of where this project is headed. Most projects fail because their goals are unrealistic or they are extremely tardy meeting their proposed goals on a timeline.

I have read quite a few whitepapers and roadmaps over the last 3-4 years…and what is being constructed here has the ability to encompass the crypto world.

There is a push to privacy as it dissipates and considering the current landscape of our world…it is indeed becoming smaller. Projects like this will succeed.

The staff is great also along with the influx of way smarter people and their ideas constantly swirling about.