BeaconBestState by beacon height

Hey @Support,

Could you forward it to the devs? Is there any method to get the best state of the beacon by height similar to getting the pde state by height? I couldn’t find such a method.


Hi @abduraman, have you tried one of these?

I know it but it doesn’t meet my need. Specifically, I want the query below but with a beaconheight parameter. I can access pDEX history by beacon height. Likewise, I need the history of the beacon best state.

- Example
    "id": 1,
    "jsonrpc": "1.0",
    "method": "getbeaconbeststate",
    "params": [

Hi @abduraman, we, unfortunately, don’t have this RPC at this moment: getbeaconbestatebyheight
Have you discussed this with Inccry? I see that he has a completed set of API that may fit your concern.

Yes. I solved the problem by getcommittestate method which does not appear in Github search since it is not in the default branch yet.