Balance in Provide not loading

Using IOS, everything updated. The provide screen does not load, keep getting orange tine out warning.

It is loading now but I keep having this issue. The orange screen poops up asking me to refresh the page but I don’t have a refresh option for iPhone app.

refresh is performed by dragging the screen downwards a bit

Well, I am on Android and have had no such issue but then it could be strictly an iPhone related matter as to what it is doing at this time… :thinking: :sunglasses:

Should have stated it better: by no option I mean that little spinning icon shows it is it refreshing. It just stays. I have pulled down multiple times over the course of minutes with no change to that screen, I usually just navigate out and in again.

Did you try closing the app completely?

When I close the app and go back in , I usually can get the balance. I guess the issue is why does this happen. Not a dealbreaker for me but something like this will spook first time users.

For sure. It is probably device(type) related, I don’t see it happen.

I am having this issue right now on Android! :frowning_face:

Same issue again, spinning wheel, no refresh possible. This time I closed the app and reopened it. Still the spinning wheel. This time the orange refresh time out screen popped up