Balance Across Accounts (POLL)

Can we please have a tool/option to see our account balances across all accounts at one time?
Like on the drop down menu to select an account, it could show under or beside that account how much PRV is in the account. Right now it shows the partial address, which is info we don’t need. I spend a ton of time flipping through accounts trying to find where PRV is/isn’t, and it takes a long time to load each account, etc.
It would be SUPER helpful. Thanks! (@duy)

I know I have a lot of accounts so this maybe effects me more, but we could see if there’s more need amongst the community:

  • This is a feature I need and want.
  • This feature is not something I would use.

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Hey @Mike_Despo, thanks for making this poll. So it would be for prv only, and no other coins? I think that might be confusing, esp for those that hold other currencies besides prv. we could perhaps show total balance in prv? Would that be helpful?


Hey ning, so I think it could be for just PRV. Or maybe for whatever the top three currencies are that are used amongst users (i.e. PRV, BTC, USDT.)

But at the very least, just PRV would be great!

Hm, what about total balance in PRV (like the big p number in Assets)? For users who only hold PRV, that would of course, be the exact PRV amount. For others, they’ll see a total calculated in PRV.

My only worry with this is that it will also take time to load, but otherwise, I think it’s a great idea! Will look into it today.

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Oh yea that could be useful! I’m not sure which would be better. Probably would be best to take a poll on it. My instinct is that just the PRV would be good and not the PRV amount in assets only because it might confuse some people? But not sure.

As far as loading time goes, I think the pros will outweigh the cons with that. And for someone with only 1 or 2 wallets Im thinking it wont make much of a difference anyways.

Okay, I’ll do a series of polls today about this and also other features I’ve been wondering about. Let me know if you think of anything else!

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