Badges update

Hi everyone - I’ve been keeping track of badge payouts over the past few weeks, and unfortunately, it seems the spam issue touched upon here is growing.

We now have numerous spam/duplicate/airdropper accounts joining every day – quickly draining the funds used to reward legitimate contribution and quality conversation.

For this reason, I have now disabled the ‘Like’ related badges (Share the Love, Higher Love, Out of Love, etc.), as well as a few of the very basic ones. You can view the updated list here. They may return in a different format, with more careful requirements.

Moderators will now start suspending fraud accounts. Please help us flag suspicious activity. :pray:

The badges that more strongly indicate quality, engagement, and contribution, will all remain, and I will continue to add special badges. This way, we can make sure the funds put aside to reward community engagement actually go to people who care about Incognito.

Would love to hear your ideas for new badges!


Like related (and other easily spammable) badges could be reserved for TL2 and/or TL3 folks.


That’s a good idea, @Josh_Hamon

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