[Badge Request]Non-earning streak

I am reading plenty of threads about Pnodes and/or Vnodes not earning anything for awhile. I’ve read that the longest earning streak is first 23 days now 29 days. Well just to put it out there, my Vnode has not earned anything for over a month, 34 days to be exact. And my Vnode is working fine as what I was told by @Peter. So I guess, I’ll just wait it out. But I believe I hold the record for the longest unearned Vnode out there.


Congratulations ?

Oohhh a new challenger!


@Joe_226, I am the current badge holder, and you definitely beat my streak of 29 days. Congratulations!? :slight_smile:

@ning, @Mike_Despo, it looks like we have another longest non-earner.



Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 12.18.34

@Joe_226, i hope your luck turns soon!

I am kind of conflicted about earning this badge if I ever were to…on the one hand if earned it means one is having a really bad earning streak…lol…and that would suck…but on the other hand the bragging rights would be notorious in a twisted kind of way…lol…and I definitely would want the Hall of Famer top spot for this badge…nuff said…:sunglasses::smiling_imp::yum:

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We do need a wall of fame to list past and present holders!

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Yes yes…the title…all time non earning badge…shall be mine…muhaahaa…:smiling_imp:…my preciousss…‘glassy eyed stare while looking at the badge’…soon soon I will have you…muhaahaa