Bad Product Good Marketing - Good Product Less Marketing..

Must be continued,more than this :slight_smile:

After pKyber alive. This is the momentum to create more marketing campaign to attract more privacy enthusiast.


I am very active promoting Incognito on Twitter under the @crypto_delboy username even thought my proposal was rejected here. If the team decides to give it a second thought about the campaign, that would be great @Jamie, @andrey


It is not the idea that was rejected. Any promotion that helps to make Incognito more known is welcomed and valued.

The funding however was rejected. I have no info on why, but looking at your accounts, the number of followers may have been part of that decision. And like Annie explained, giveaways are known to attract the wrong people.


I would like to see a dark mode for sure. But besides that I would really like a sleak and sexy looking interface kinda like monoliths wallet. It’s so cool and alternative looking, definitely targeting millennials. Maybe you could make the color scheme customization a possibility.

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