Automate LP listing in "Featured Pools"

It would be nice to automate it because a lot of people probably run pools and other people cannot trade on theses because they aren’t listed.
So, as a solution, only LPs with verified coins can be automatically listed and this would avoid scam listings.
At the same time, why not also removing pools with not unified coins (if they can be unified) because this leads to confusion and we have some price difference between unified and not unified coins.

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I’ll forward these suggestions to the team.

As you mentioned pools are currently not automatically shown on the app to prevent users from scamming others.

I made an error in typing. I wanted to say, only list verified coin pools to avoid scam listings.

This avoids scam but not spam. A requirement of minimum liquidity would be better for those pools.

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Let them grow in the time, you can have big pools magically appearing and it would mot looks scammy. Till the coins in the pool are verified as legit tokens, they should be listed or we should need a “non official” version of the wallet does it.
And if for example, a pool creator removed his coins, the pool will not be closed because other people do the same no ?