App giving no notifications

Hey there.
Long time no see.
I feel kinda sorry for the project, that it didn’t take the big leap, it had all that was needed for that. I’m still with you and I believe that privacy will play a role for a lot of people in the crypto future.

  1. I claimed rewards recently, traded them, sent them out… I got only 1 notification after claiming… No notification after balance decrease, balance increase after trade complete, unshield etc…
    Not sure if that’s intended. :thinking:

1a) trade was still kinda slow. I thought you guys have sped up some things? :thinking:

  1. that’s how explorer looks on mobile app for me…
    Kinda meh :unamused:
    Especially because Incscan is still there. Why not linking Incscan like before?

Hope you’re all doing good.
Have a good day

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Hi @flurgx,

Sorry for your bad experience with the Incognito app. May we ask which version of the app you’re using? If it’s not in the latest one (4.3.9), try updating it first.

Hey @flurgx, thanks for still staying with the project.

  1. Regarding notification, let me check with the team and get back to you soon.

  2. In order to preserve privacy of trades, it needs an intermediary for every trade that led to the slowness. We’re working Privacy v2 (it will be launched in 2 months) that can help remove completely the intermediary. At that point, trades will be sped up significantly I believe.

  3. Switching to Incscan very soon.