App crashes when I add a pair

I Reproduced that bug

  1. Add pair
  2. Select kyber
  3. Select customize fee
  4. App crash

Hi @JoyRaptor, thanks for trying to reproduce that bug. We need some more information:
1/ The app version you are using
2/ Your phone model
3/ Your phone OS version

Now, the app doesn’t allow the user to customize the fee in pKyper. Could you provide a screen record/ a screenshot for further checking?

Sm-n960u Galaxy note 9

I can’t do a screen shot as it immediatly disappears.
I did just update the app three days ago on the Google store

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The current version on the Google store is 3.8.0. And, the latest version is 3.8.2, which can be downloaded directly within the app.
Could you please confirm which version are you using? You can tap on the “Settings” in the Home screen to check.
Image from iOS (71)

I am on v3.8.2

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Hi @JoyRaptor,

Currently, the app doesn’t allow us to customize the fee for pkyber. Please update the app to the latest version 3.9.1 and try again.
If the app crashes, please provide a screen record.
Here’s how: