Anyone selling a used pnode?

Just curious if anyone has one they’d be willing to sell. I don’t see any on eBay.

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Cool! There is something called a PSTORE but I forget how to access it or if there are any used nodes on there. Great idea :slight_smile: Keep in mind that the new node tree will be coming out soon so someone might be willing to sell at that time. From what I understand it’s the same exact specs from a hardware perspective.

One question that might be good to know is if someone staked 1750PRV if that node can ever be unstaked and revert back to the original funded pNode (earning 35% of the reward). If not, you’d have to have 1750PRV. This info is out there through search but I didn’t search it for you…it just was an thought I wanted to share.


I don’t see why not, but now I will ponder this until someone answers you, so following :grinning:

Following as well…

I think we should buy new one, then till have the guarantee from Incognito, if not when it’s error, no one fix for you

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I think they will sell soon when node trees release

Welcome @Gwolfterritory, @Ichiro, and @Jr.Tolkien to the Incognito forum!! :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ve seen a thread where three new members have posted for the first time :smile:

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Thanks marko, I’ve been a member long time ago, just forgot pass and … be a new mem again lol

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I have some logistical issues with Ethernet lines that might cause me to have to switch from pnodes to vnodes. In which case, I would be willing to sell a few of mine. However, they have been staked. @Peter or @andrey, can you answer the question above? Are they able to be restaked by the Incog team?

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Hi @Thriftinkid, did you try to connect your pNode to your network using a Wi-Fi connection? pNode is designed to connect to the Internet using both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, so it should work fine.

To sell a pNode, simply:
1/ Unstake the Node, or stop using Funded staking.
2/ Once the unstaking process is completed. Contact @Support so we can help to hard reset the Node.
3/ The next user will be able to setup a Node like a brand new device.


I would switch around step 2 and 3. Sell the pNode unstaked. Then let the new user contact support to reset the pNode. In that case you can be sure the link to the old owner has been broken.

On another note, be very careful who you sell from, and who you sell to. We have reports already from people being scammed out of their Node without getting paid.

We will never be able to determine who is right and who is wrong. The holder of the pNode will be the owner of the pNode to us and treated in that manner.


Thanks @Peter. There’s a little more to it for me. Pandemic has required me to move my motion graphics setup home, and I need a lot more power and outlets lol. But I will start the process and reach out to support


That being said, I have 3 pnodes. If anyone is interested, DM me. Shipping only to the US.

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I have two pnodes accounted for. 1 more if anyone is interested.

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I’m interested, but based in the UK.

I have sold all my pnodes. Im on all vnodes now unfortunately.

Hi everyone, we will stop supporting this process from today (03:00 UTC April 2, 2021).

If you bought a used Node, please ask the seller to transfer the assigned keychain of the Node. It means that you are at your own risk when buying a used Node, because you are not the only one who keeps the private key.



Why is this? :scream:

This cannot be an acceptable solution.

Ok, let says, your friend bought a safe (vault) from company A. Then he sells it to you but still keeps another key to open it, what do you feel?

Yeah, probably you don’t feel comfortable with this because he can also open the safe and take your money.

Now, you asking company A to replace a new lock for you for free?

The contract (support/moneyback guarantee) is made between company A and your friend. There’s no contract between you and company A.

I hope this helps you understand this situation.