Any Plans for Avalanche?

Hey! Avid Incognito and Avalanche user here. I was just wondering if the team had any plans to support Avalanche (AVAX) on the pDEX. Thanks!


Welcome back to the community @astro…as to your question about AVAX being supported on the pDEX on Incognito well that is a lil above my pay grade…but you might hear different from one of the mods… :sunglasses:


lol no worries. Any chance I might be able to write it? I’m reasonably well-versed in blockchain tech…

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@astro propose the idea to the dev team at @Support and see what they respond… :sunglasses:

Hi @astro, a bridge must be built first so AVAX can be shielded into Incognito network.
If there is a guy from Avalanche network who would like to build the bridge, it is great!
Otherwise, let’s post it here and wait for the voting result: [Vote] Most wanted bridges


Whats the avax bridge status?

AVAX C-chain (the one that everyone is using) is basically the same as Ethereum, so implementing a bridge is as simple as doing BSC - just a different node with different network ID.

I think this is very doable with current code.