[Answered] pUniswap: I can not use BAT balance on Mobile App

Using the mobile incognito app I navigate to pUniswap then I search for BAT (basic attention token) but the token does not appear.

Trying to swap from my BAT balance only points to incognito exchange as a routing option which has no liquidity.

Tried to use my seed phrase on the new incognito extension but that does not populate my BAT balance.

Is there any updated guide on how to use tokens like BAT on pUniswap?

I can confirm the same issue. I have a few BAT (2.5 lol) in incognito and don’t see it as a tradeable coin in pUniswap (though it is on their web page).

Can you send me BAT contract ID? we can check!

Since Uniswap in the app is Polygon version but your BAT is an Ethereum token.

BAT works for Uniswap (Ethereum) in the website. This is probably balance population related to the extension. Either your all coins were not scanned yet and wrote this post :slight_smile: or (most probable) you didn’t add BAT token (whose id is 1fe75e9afa01b85126370a1583c7af9f1a5731625ef076ece396fcc6584c2b44) to the extension or the extension has a bug.

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Hey @johnsnow267 and @yoo,

Currently, BAT is only swappable on the Incognito website. (we have been upgrading the mobile app to make it consistent with the website and you will be able to swap BAT on the mobile in a week.)

The following is a quick guide for you to do that on the website:

Step 1: create a new keychain on the wallet extension. Since this is a completely new keychain, you can skip scanning coin step.

Step 2: add BAT token to the wallet extension by clicking (+) on inputing the token id: 1fe75e9afa01b85126370a1583c7af9f1a5731625ef076ece396fcc6584c2b44

Step 3: send BAT from mobile wallet to the newly created wallet on the extension.

Step 4: Go to Incognito website and swap BAT for another coin.

We got many feedback from users about the inconvenient UX with the current scanning coin step. We are working on it to improve the UX in the next releases. Thanks again for using Incognito :pray: .


Thanks for the help.

I have added the token ID to Incognito Extension. I can now see the BAT balance and the uniswap trade was successful.


Glad to hear that, what was your experience with the web-based swap? Do you have any feedback for the team?

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The swap page worked flawlessly.

Suggestion: An easier way to add tokens to the extension so that the swap page knows the balance. Finding the token id seems to be the biggest hurtle.


Thanks for your suggestion, we added it to our todo list and that will be improved in the next releases.

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