[Answered] “Provide” APY compound?

Dear @Support ,

Curious about the Provide APY rule.
I am providing BTC, and earn 10% APY paid in PRV. About the generated PRV interest, are they compounding? If so, are they compounding with 21% ?

Rewards in provide do not earn interest. To earn interest on your rewards you would need to withdraw them and provide them into the term of your choice.

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Clear! Thanks @Jared


Turns out I misspoke. I was recalling back when we used to display % APR under provide. Now we display percentages as APY.

Therefore, PRV rewards earned will still continue to earn but at the rate of the initial offering.

For example, if you have PRV rewards under BTC they will continue to earn at 10% APY. If you want to earn at 21% APY you would need to withdraw them and then provide them under PRV listing.

Hope this clears things up and sorry for the confusion.

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