(answered) pNode EOL?

All of my pNodes have a message when you SSH in to them saying…

“Your Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE) is supported until April 2023.”

Does this mean our pNodes will not work properly or will not be fully supported after April 2023?

This is just an advisory. Please do NOT upgrade as this will cause issues with the pNode functioning correctly.

The pNode will lose security updates on April 2023. This will not negatively impact pNode operators as there are no ports required to be opened on the router side.

If pNode operators feel the need to be on the latest version of Ubuntu, the OS can be reinstalled and the pNode can be set up as a vNode.

Does this mean we cannot use the bootstrap script that is here on the forum when needed as we have used it in the past?

This has nothing to do with the bootstrap script.

Ok Jared…thank you for the reply…great posting by the way… :sunglasses: