(Answered) Pnode dying

My pnode has shown OFFLINE for a couple of days now, and none of the usual methods seem to be helping. Can someone in support check on it for me? Tell me what info to send. Hate to lose it after all this time… Thanks

Hello @MinorcanKing,

Is there a blue light on the side of the pNode?

If so, how is it connected to your internet? I would highly advise you to connect it over ethernet.

Once that is done go into your router config and see if you can locate theMiner as a device on your network.

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Thanks for quick reply. This pnode has been using wifi. I can switch to ethernet, but then 2 instances of the miner show up in router config - I’m not sure how to disable the wifi. Last earning on this node was about 10 days ago with about 85 votes. The phone app and browser app both show offline and beacon stalling. Thanks for helping…

Try to go to the port 5000 on both IP addresses.

Have you followed this guide to update to the latest version?

If not, please do that.

After that, bootstrap your node to fix the stalling data:


Thanks Jared. Version is now 2.0 - bootstrapping in progress.

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