(Answered) Please help

Ok I’m new like today new and I just lost 12,000$ can someone please message me and help me

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@Support @Jared

Please look into this

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FYI 666 support may be slow today. The team are relaunching their privacy Dex along with a new app update so please be patient for the team to look into your query.

Please provide more details as to what you believe has happened.


Basically I put in .3 btc , traded for 13k something pv coins and then traded for eth but it literally traded the 13k for .065 eth I’m freaking out lol

Yes and I just realized this as I didn’t all the transactions before making a forum profile and seeing the info on updates and what not

So right now I have .65 eth and I’m out 12 or 13k ?

This probably isn’t going to have a good outcome. The team sent an update on here and the app that liquidity was being transferred to the new pdex and not to do any trades for this reason.

You likely did a trade in a pool with insufficient liquidity and you’ve triggered massive slippage.

Wait for the support team to have a look at it for you over a PM


Yeah I made the trades BEFORE seeing the post about not doing trades ! Fml

So you’re thinking I’m seriously out 13k lol I’m dieing inside

From what you have described I’m guessing that’s what has happened.

Wait for the devs to complete the update and look into it for you.

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Thanks I’m hoping for a miracle! Ugh

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