(Answered) Node Question

Does the physical node need to be ran off a VPR? And would it be smarter to get a personal computer just to run it or can I just plug it in and run it off the app on my phone ?

A pNode does not need a VPN connection. pNodes operate just like any other computer. They only require a power connection and a connection to the internet (WiFi or Ethernet).

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That would be cool though. A pNode that is a full node that you can use as a backend to the app. Full solution for all your PRV transaction needs.


Thank you ! And as for slashing I just keep up on my transactions and contact support if something is going wrong ?

That’s what I kind of thought it was

pNodes will automatically restake as long as they are online. Please note that if you purchase a pNode you will need the full 1750 PRV to stake.

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I know and I must keep it at that to not make it inactive correct?

Sorry I don’t understand your question.

pNodes that are online and connected to the internet will earn once they enter into committee.

I thought I saw somewhere that if your stake drops below 1,750 it will go in active or does that stay permanent ?

Ah, the 1750 PRV is staked to your node. You will receive the stake back if you un-stake or if your node is slashed.

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Thank you man you’ve been a huge help !

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Can you can exchange the PRV obtained from the pNode for other crypto ?

Of course.

My prv just skyrocketed and I can’t see the markets earn or make a swap

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Tap on the Trade button to make a swap.

My prv went from 19$ to 230 and now my screen is blank on the market and earn tabs and I can’t make a swap to any coin. I’ve closed and reopened the app multiple times

What app version are you on? You can find it at the bottom of the settings page.

How is your internet connection? Are you on a mobile connection? vpn? wifi?

The app is up to date I have Wi-Fi and I do use VPN occasionally

VPN connection can be unreliable. If you are using a VPN turn it off and relaunch the app.

I have done that