(Answered) No fosset button ... no PRV ... how to buy from FIAT to crypto ??

Hello, dear incognito support team!

Just installed the app. Very new in crypto, blockchain. As newbee yet not owning one single coin.

Have studied last 8-9 months a lot about web3. Its time to start.

After the debacle in 11/2022 with fraudster SBF and FTX, and the latest attack by SEC sueing Binance and Coinbase this week I think its wise to decentralize and keep all very privately.

There is no fosset button in the menue. How to get PRV tokens ?

Do you have also a link pls how to buy then anonymously coins (aktcoins, stable coins) ? I suppose I need first a transfer from FIAT like Euro to a stable coin like EurC, USDT or USDC, right?

Is there any virtual debit card service which guarantees privacy ? Something similar like Wise maybe where its also possuble to exchange different fiat currencies ???

Have not yet found in Europe a bank which has a positive attitude towards FIAT - Crypto Exchange. My former digi bank FIDOR just was completely cosed by mother concern in France. Any hint ? Maybe N26 (DE), bunq (NL) or Revolt (U.K.)?

Tks in advance giving orientation.


P.s.: my incognito address in invognita app:

My public key:

Hello! :wave: Welcome to Incognito! :prv: :incognito:

New wallets should automatically receive some starting PRV airdropped to them. However, we recently released a bulletproofs update and the airdrop is working on being updated. In the meantime, I will send you 0.5 PRV to get you started.

You can shield (deposit) BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, XMR, etc. Then once in your wallet you can swap into PRV to cover future TX fees. The fee on Incognito blockchain is 0.1 PRV.

We currently do not offer FIAT > Crypto bridge. However, we are discussing with various 3rd party services to possibly offer this in the future but for now you will need to find an external source.

I have just sent you the 0.5 PRV.