(Answered) Need help !

Hello , i transfered usdt via BEP20 to my account , i received them but the problem is i can’t buy prv on the wallet using usdt(bep20) idk why it labeled it like that but yeah when i try to buy prv i can only find the erc usdt …. thanks , and help me asap .

No liquidity for BEP20-USDT at the moment. The best thing you can do now is to unshield to BSC wallet and use that BEP20-USDT to buy PRV on pancake swap.

i can’t transfer them out of the waller because it asks for PRV fee now , and i can’t buy prv because my money is stuck on usdt bep20


The small amount of PRV might be enough to cover a BEP20 unshielding.

Make sure to disable “Decimal Digits” in Settings to see the full amount of PRV from the faucet. If you don’t – the transaction will appear as 0.00 PRV.

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