[Answered] Lost Access to Funds After New App Update

Hey my coins show but no amount is shown how can I downgrade or fix this, thanks

No one gonna respond to this guy?

Hi, I already had such issue… I.e while trying to make a transaction, the funds appears on the app, but sending them gives you an error. You can try to go to settings on the app, scroll down to “clear balance cached” “clear history”. It can solve your problem. It solve mine, when I got an error shown on the “power” tab on the app to check the nodes. By the way are you using iOS? From what I understood the team pushed an update that gave issues.

Yeah iOS updated automatically. Shit is garbage. Waiting for the code so I can go back to the old version. Wanted to move some stuff today but with this crap it’s not happening

Sorry about that @KhaoticK,

Please follow this:

It’s worth considering turning off automatic updates. Operating system updates are one thing, but for most individual applications, I think the problems caused by auto-updating are much more numerous and taxing than the problems it might, on some small chance, avoid.

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Got it luckily I have an iPad that didn’t have the app update so have access on there thanks

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