[Answered & investigating] App closing when screen sleeps

I assume someone knows and it wasn’t an intentional change - but since the last update my app closes every time the screen goes to sleep. Incognito is killing my battery because I look away briefly and now have to re-open the app and painstakingly go through all the screens to get back where I was… (Latest version of the app, Google Pixel 5a running the most recent OS & Security patch direct from Google).

This appears to be an isolated case.

I checked on my device (One+ 6T) and I’m not seeing this same thing.

@yoo Do you have another device you can check this on?

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hi @yoo I’m sorry about the issue you’re encountering. Can you help me clarify a few things.

  • Have you encountered the issue after updating the new android version?

  • Can you provide us the screen record to help us easier to investigate your issue.

Thanks for your patience.


I am fairly certain it started with the latest update to the incognito app. It appears it only happens when I am on the trade screen (swap) - when I’m on the Markets/Earn/Wallet screens it’s fine -phone screen sleeps and when I wake it up, incognito is still open. If the phone screen goes off when it’s on the trade (swap) screen, when I wake it back up, incognito is no longer running.

Well, thanks for your report. We can’t reproduce your issue yet, maybe we need more time to investigate. Did you try to restart your phone?

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Thank you for looking into it! I have restarted my phone, but it still happens… Again only if the phone sleeps while on the swap screen. I can’t believe it’s only me, but if no one else is complaining, who knows…

Yeah sure, so I said maybe we need more time to investigate. We are always listening to make the project better.

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