(Answered) Incognito Loan Questions

Is there somewhere on the incognito platform to raise money for crypto business

Not at this time. If we implement this functionality in the future I will let you know.

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Can I purchase tokens with a visa or MC gift card …Does the platform allow this

No, we currently do not and probably will not implement this.

Whats the easiest way to purchase coins anonymously on the platform

You will need to shield crypto (bring crypto in from an external wallet).

Once you have your crypto in your wallet you can hold, trade, and send anonymously.

I personally use XMR (Monero) for it’s added privacy benefits and low fees.


Is it possible to structure a p2p loan through incognito

If you mean is it possible for someone to design and code their own p2p loan frontend that runs on the Incognito blockchain, then of course. The resources are there for developers to create whatever they want.

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Jared I’m minting my own privacy coin how do I pay the fee can I pay in monero from local monero in addition can you assist me with listing it on pDex ,As I want to use the ownership method I read on the site to sell shares and raise capital .Do You Have incentives for those who bring others who use and develop on the platform? If so I can bring several hundred thousand!!! Contact me at your earliest convenience Mr.E

Here are the guidelines to have a new custom coin listed on the app:

After you submit the required information our committee will hold a vote.

Jared how do I deposit money on the app to buy PRV Monero or bitcoin .

The Incognito app does not offer a way to bring fiat currencies into the app. The only method to deposit funds into the app is via cryptocurrency. Once you deposit crypto you can then store, trade, invest, etc.

Here is a user’s guide on how they bring their crypto from Coinbase into Incognito. (special note: it is advised that if you use Coinbase that you use Coinbase Pro to save on fees)

Jared are there incentives for bringing people on the platform as I see it the more participants the better I want people to know that this platform is better than the conventional and that customer support (YOU) is the best of its kind . Because you’ve answered all my questions instantly and provided excellent intel to navigate the platform I’ve decided I’m going to build on the incognito platform to offer private banking ,Crypto OTC options borrow/lending and numerous fintech services. what are the partnerships or affiliate guidelines.

We no longer offer incentives to bring new users to the Incognito forum. However, as you will see, we offer a great privacy ecosystem for all things crypto. We have some really awesome things coming both in the short-term and long-term as you can see by our roadmap: Incognito 2022: Technical Roadmap

I will have an updated article about 2022 Q1 later today and in the coming days. Keep watch for those.

Jared can I use my local Monero account balance to buy PRV and to use the exchange services as I want to buy bitcoin and more crypto… where do I start

Sure, here is our guide on how to use the Incognito app. Please see the section about shielding (bringing crypto into Incognito):

After you have crypto brought into the network follow this guide to trade:

Jared is there a way for me to connect with multiple incognito platform
users …As I mentioned in earlier correspondence I’M raising capital for my digital payments business and I want to use incognito to offer private crypto services… can we collaborate to connect with incognito users to capital raise .How do I directly connect with them

In addition Jared I will donate a % of my earning from my business as an ongoing supporter and contributor to the incognito platform for the assistance in an incognito crowdfunding capital raise: and be happy to do it

Hello @Mr_Entrepreneur,

The best way to reach our community is right here, on this forum. Just make a post about what you want to do/offer and the community can respond to you.

Reference this post:

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Jared this is a good use reference point but want to go in with a more formal approach as Id like to launch an IDO on Incognito.your platform will support this type of fundraise !!!