[Answered] I can't withdraw my stacked prv

I made a 6month term stake.
Yesterday it was the end of the term and I still can’t claim rewards and my funds.

Hello @lucky12345,

I have made this a personal message to protect your privacy and better support you. Please provide us a screenshot of your provide.

I made the post public if someone haves the same problem

Okay I’ve made the post public again. Please keep in mind we might ask you for a screenshot of the provide or ask you to provide us with the TXID. You can send us these privately if you don’t want them publicly displayed.

Can you provide us with the transaction that is stuck please.

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I’m still waiting for @support

Can you provide us with the stuck TXID, please? You can send it privately if you’d like.

Hi @lucky12345, we’ve investigated why withdrawal function for the locked staking was not enabled when term ended and detected an inappropriate logic in the service. We were working to bring it up asap and the ETA is April 13 (the latest). Maybe we will be able to get it up sooner and will keep you posted. The compensation with the same interest of the locked term for late days will also be counted and paid manually to stakers.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.