(Answered) How to make my bitcoins completely anonymous?

Hey guys,

I have a question about how to make my bitcoins totally anonymous, here is the situation.

Until 1 week ago, my exchange accepted moneros, so I exchanged on incognito wallet my bitcoins to monero and then I transferred my monero to the exchange platform.

the problem is that this exchange platform no longer accepts monero now.

my question is how can I do so that my initial wallet is not linked to my wallet on the exchange? if, for example, I change my bitcoins into eth on the incognito wallet and transfer these eth to the exchange platform, will that make them sufficiently anonymous? or maybe there is another solution?

Thank you for your help

Exchanging on the Incognito DEX is a pretty good start, there will be no direct “paper trace” back to your Bitcoin account anymore. You’re however still subject to traditional forensic accounting. You can always make it harder by spreading the transactions out in both time and amounts.


Thanks for helping answer the question @fredlee!
Hey @Aron, does the answer make sense to you? Or feel free to leave your questions here if you need further assistance.

Thanks fredlee for your anwer ! it helps a lot.

I have another question, if I receive in bitcoin and i want to clean these bitcoins to be anonymous so i can transfert the amount on an exchange platform, which method should I use on incognito wallet?

should I change bitcoins to PRV, then transfer to another PRV incognito wallet, then I convert back to bitcoin? Or maybe there is an easier way?

Thanks for your help

Incognito is not a mixing service.

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As @Jared said, it’s not designed to wash your money. :blush: Incognito was designed to be fully anonymous within its ecosystem. As soon as you bridge to other block chains your anonymity is no longer guaranteed.

When you shield BTC the bridge will store the funds in a pool. Chances are that when you unshield you get the exact same BTC coins back again. This also means that if you ask people to create an Incognito account to anonymously send you pBTC, then you go and withdraw it to BTC right away, if you’re unlucky, there could actually be a direct trace between your BTC accounts.

Then again you could also get someone else’s BTC, especially if you wait for a very long time. The bigger Incognito gets and the more transactions the bridges handles, the higher chance that you become untraceable. The problem here is that it’s not reliable.

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Thanks for your answer guys.

Any bitcoin mixer service to recommend ? I saw that there are a lot of scams regarding this service so I’m wary.

Thanks for your help

I’m sorry that is outside of the scope for us to discuss.