(Answered) Help, only received a fraction of BNB to USDT swap!

I used my Incognito wallet to swap 17.6236899 BNB to USDT but only received 510.192508 USDT. Is this an issue anyone has encountered before? This is quite nerve-racking. I’ve reached out to support but I have yet to hear back. I’m trusting they help me retrieve my money!

If you’re the beneficiary of the extra funds, I’m pleading with you to consider refunding it to my address below…

@Jared please can you help?

Hey @Bandix123,

Unfortunately, he cannot help you. You chose the wrong pair of BNB. Currently, there are two pairs for BNB in pDEX. One for BSC (so low liquidity), one for BC (better liquidity). Since you chose BNB (BSC), you’ve faced a really high slippage. Even worse, one (in fact probably his/her bot) of the arbitrageurs noticed your trade:

Now, my only advice can be that you share an Incognito address here and pray for the refund. Maybe he/she reads here and sends your fund back to you. All you can do is this.



What @abduraman said is correct. Did you accept a prompt during your trade to indicate that there was high slippage?

It can sting a bit but we need to always check the amounts we will receive from a trade, I’ve made the same mistake before (when there was not a popup message in the app).

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@Jared there was no pop up message. Below is the address. Please help me get the money. It’s about $10,000. It’s a lot of money, hard earned money!


@abduraman thanks for the reply. Who is the “he/she” you referred to? Is there a way to broadcast this to them?


There is a prompt that asks shows you the amount you’re going to trade for and you have to confirm this screen.

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This assumes that there is someone running a bot for arbitrage on that pool. There is no way to know who that person is even if there was a bot. That user would also be under no obligation to send you any funds back.

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@Jared oh okay. The prompt I remember told me the transaction was in progress or something that’s when I realized what I was getting.
Please anytime you can do to help me!

Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do. As with anything crypto, once the transaction is placed the transaction is placed. I sympathize with you, that is quite a bit to lose.

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@Jared please can we send out a note to those running the bots about this? The person may have mercy on me and refund the money?


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I’m just requesting @Support reached out to the community running the boys. Maybe the user will realize this was an unseasoned person who made a mistake with this transaction, and refund the money to my address. I’m human, and the user who received the money is also human. Please help me with this!

Anyone could run a bot. I’m sorry but we don’t have a registry or something.

Please can you bring this up with your team to deliberate on if anything can be done. Please try something!

Can’t believe what I am reading! Is it true that there’s is nothing to be done on this matter?

@Support kindly do your best on this! It’s highly painful!

@Bandix123 @KingOfCrypto The team cannot do anything. That’s why I’ve advised @Bandix123 to write his address here. Maybe the arbitrageur can see this topic and show some mercy (but no obligation for this, it is completely legal). Even we cannot track him/her since Incognito is a private chain unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin etc.


@abduraman thanks for the reply.

My address is

@abduraman if this is the case, I advise that @Support give us a write up on how to be careful with such situations like this because it’s very disappointing.

I mean a topic on this that will guide the whole community against such incident not to repeat itself, because this can be a kind of discouragement to the users!

I pray :pray: to the person to have mercy on a friend @Bandix123

As well we are waiting for Guidance Write Up on How to Avoid this kind of Disheartening Situation, we sincerely need it. And if there’s one already, kindly share the link.

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This is what show up from the link you share, what really the problem?