(Answered) Get Some PVR (error)

I’m having trouble getting some PVR (Faucet)… the transaction is pending and doesn’t finalize…. please help me my wallet is 12sgnDUdHmV3VznzcfJoYNGLdMtSmrXgJbHDQe7KLDP9b4wQuZkbxnSMeaXzS2yx4UEPtbEVewUQayhiBRKr7xMo6ysoobS5aMDdRutNHk1C2SaQXraY4WCmwredA3FYy4Yfah1N6D4C1DQxaAAc

I’ve been trying for 2 days now

Hello @matpiv,

Welcome to Incognito! :raised_hands:

I’ve sent you some PRV. Please swap some crypto into PRV to cover future TX fees.

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