[Answered] FTM/PRV pair gone from options , valuation has gone whacky

Anyone else notice the FTM/PRV pair ( etherium) has disappeared from pairing options? The valuations for provided amounts is out of wack too.

Yes, I see no pool, but I still have it in my Earn Portfolio… And when I try to trade (SWAP) to/from FTM, I get “no trade route.” - liquidity appears to be gone…

Hello @Silvercap718, @yoo,
The reason caused FTM/PRV pool “disappear” is because of liquidity amplification of the pool. Contrary to the general AMM DEX that the rate of a pool moves from zero to infinity, an amplified liquidity pool makes its rate range more narrow. Plus, FTM price was significantly dropped lately, the FTM/PRV pool’s rate was out of range and became invalid.

We’ve just re-created a new pool for FTM/PRV and you could trade FTM for other coins by now.
(and liquidity providers to the old pool need to remove liquidity from the invalid pool and re-add to the newly created pool to continue earning rewards.)
Sorry for the confusion.


Got it, Thanks for update
That was a wild ride pool for sure

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