(Answered) Can't obtain PRV to transact

Hi, I’ve deposited ETH and USDT (BSC) into the Incognito wallet but can’t get hold of any PRV to actually transact. I’ve tried all of the features in the app but they just refer me to a faucet. When I try to use this it returns an error “Faucet error. Please try again.”, I’ve done this repeatedly and still get this error. Can anyone help? If anyone would be kind enough to send some PRV to my address that would be most appreciated: 12sna3hYJx2Ls7rwmP6xyJr9CeVhpZTLhV1WWk4wS2DFFZM4sbqy22s3w9tjSEwPeEBcaaFHCRbTctd6hgp2u6oSfvrdfAXdiG7FtoZM9qmuA3xAuCHkw1obTihcqAqS3rqATc2hGC6HKxMJf1JZ

I just sent you 0.5 PRV.

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