[Answered] App update with disappearing funds

My app updated and I withdrew some PRV from my node, and it disappeared. Also the small amount I had in my account is gone as well. Anyone have any solutions?

Here is the problem and its solution: Accidentally update Incognito app.


That’s way too much to try to do. Is the updated app going to ever return my lost funds. And now I have no place to withdraw rewards or anything. I don’t like the update at all!

The update was accidentally pushed through by Apple without the backend services being ready.

Your funds are fine they literally just don’t appear within the app.

You can either follow the solution that has been proposed for the immediate or you can wait until the devs correct the issue. They are working hard to get it done.

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Thanks for your time. I will wait for the fix.

Hi @Faux, please go to the app store and install the app version 4.9.0, thanks for your patience!