Annual APR change For staking . Some questions please

Hello. I have noted the APR drop significantly for PRV staking. From nearly 40 or more percent at one time to 21 percent recently. I noticed a recent drop from 28 percent to 21 percent. While I understand the APR can change any time , is there some predictable behavior for how much reduction in APR Is expected every few months or so. Also ,can any stable rate be expected



There is not. From my understanding, they are lowering it as more nodes come online to make sure that nodes always outperform provide. This most recent change was to allow rewards for the new coins in provide while still keeping the whole program sustainable.


Hey @gowtham, if we are talking about pNodes or vNodes APR, those rewards based on a number of validators in the network, so they always change.

If we are talking about Provide function.
Currently, APR is based on coins supply in liquidity pools. If supply is high APY goes down, supply is low it goes up. At the current stage, we set those numbers manually, but soon it will be switch on the automated way (similar to how Uniswap did liquidity mining).


Thanks everyone for these awesome answers