[Announcement] Limited Edition pNodes

Perhaps you have missed our announcement post regarding these Limited Edition pNodes.

Not at all, they have been fiber laser engraved.

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So I could spend approx. $650 for the stake and spin my own node and make 76% or spend $400+ on one of these nodes and make 36%. Yeah choosing a virtual node.

Lol, semantics. The announcement does say a holographic sticker.

I’d like to point out that fiber lasering can be expensive and makes the product look very professional and something to cherish. It sounds like you’ve decided to spin up your own nodes, that’s awesome! Others value plug-n-play pNodes, to each their own.

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Yes I mean I want one, just not for more than around $250. If no one bids on some of the later auctions will you lower the minimum?

Our main goal is to hold giveaways to bring awareness to Incognito. The only reason we are holding an auction first is to 1) give the community a chance to get them first and 2) to find the going rate of a Limited Edition pNode so we can advertise the retail value on our social media graphics to grab users attention.

Depending on how the auction does I could speak to the dev team about starting them lower. I started the bid at $399 because that was what I was comfortable to pay.