[Announcement] Limited Edition pNodes

Looking forward to the auctions! I wish the pnodes would come back. The plug in and earn concept had such widescale growth potential.


100% agree with you @arista85.

Truth be told, it was pNodes that got me interested in this project. The appeal of simply plugging in a device the support a “Privacy First” blockchain and earn some PRV tokens for doing so was just so appealing to me.

I had just saved up enough to buy my 1st pNode when the “Node Tree” concepts were floated. I didn’t end up buying a pNode.

I was a little upset when I heard the news that Incognito stopped selling the pNodes. But on the flip side, I’m glad it happened as it forced me to learn about Linux, the command line and setting up and running my own vNodes.

I do feel there’s a real world need for “Plug and Play” pNodes so that the project become more inclusive, to allow common-folk (non-technical humans) the ability to participate in this blockchain project. These broader appeal will help scale and expand this network to every household/corner of the world.

The right to privacy is the MOST important human right. Making incognito fully decentralised and also available to anyone to participate is vital to humanity moving forward in the future. This is why I remain so bullish on this project (even in the bear markets) and will continue to support and grow this network.


Progress is being made! Fiber laser engraving the pNodes with a Limited Edition tag! :muscle: :partying_face: :zap:


Looking good!




20220818_163607 20220818_163312

Another update. Testing and upgrades are underway on all Limited Edition pNodes. We are getting closer to the auction and giveaways! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s official! Limited Edition pNodes will be available starting October 31st!

Rules for the auction:
:jack_o_lantern: Bid increments of +$10
:jack_o_lantern: Shipping costs separate
:jack_o_lantern: Total due on auction close (can pay via card or crypto)
:jack_o_lantern: NO snipe bidding. Any bids within the last 3 minutes of auction close extend the auction by 3 minutes. The auction ends after 3 minutes have passed the last bid
:jack_o_lantern: There are no limits to how many times you can bid.
Did you get outbid? Bid again! :muscle:
:jack_o_lantern: Be respectful to each other. Don’t worry if you get outbid, there will be other chances to get a Limited Edition pNode :grin:

The first auction will be on October 31st. We will make an announcement, tweet, and send out an email to let everyone know when the bidding window is open.


This may have been answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Does this come with a full 1750 PRV stake?

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Yes, the pNodes are still eligible for funded staking.

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So basically incognito team provides the stake but the node earns less and upon withdrawal the stake goes back to incognito treasury? I know these things are rare by now but $400 minimum seems like a lot for a single use low power Linux machine that will take a long time to break even. I guess maybe I’ll just let others spend their money.
Good luck folks!

I agree. $400 could be put towards a Threefold.io node, and those things could run 6+ POS nodes at a time. What is the Limited Edition? What does that entail?

When I looked into them last I found a clause stating something along the lines of “you take full responsibility for what users do when they are connected to your node”.

Meaning with 3fold, if someone does something shady or illegal then you’re the one who is held responsible.

Incognito nodes earn ~76% APR according to a community members stats: Current Node Operator Earnings

With pNodes, users have the option of using funded stake by Incognito. Funded stake means the 1750 PRV staked to the node is provided to the node operator and rewards are split.

I think they found a few old stock and put a sticker on them calling them special edition.

Perhaps you have missed our announcement post regarding these Limited Edition pNodes.

Not at all, they have been fiber laser engraved.

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So I could spend approx. $650 for the stake and spin my own node and make 76% or spend $400+ on one of these nodes and make 36%. Yeah choosing a virtual node.

Lol, semantics. The announcement does say a holographic sticker.

I’d like to point out that fiber lasering can be expensive and makes the product look very professional and something to cherish. It sounds like you’ve decided to spin up your own nodes, that’s awesome! Others value plug-n-play pNodes, to each their own.

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Yes I mean I want one, just not for more than around $250. If no one bids on some of the later auctions will you lower the minimum?

Our main goal is to hold giveaways to bring awareness to Incognito. The only reason we are holding an auction first is to 1) give the community a chance to get them first and 2) to find the going rate of a Limited Edition pNode so we can advertise the retail value on our social media graphics to grab users attention.

Depending on how the auction does I could speak to the dev team about starting them lower. I started the bid at $399 because that was what I was comfortable to pay.


Hello everyone! :wave:

We will have our next auction (for #3/8) on 2023-04-14T22:00:00Z. Make sure you set a reminder and/or watch your email to get notifications.

We will follow up on Telegram and Discord with the current bid amount and remaining time so feel free to join us there as well.

Good luck bidding and may the odds forever be in your favor. :sunglasses: