[Announcement] Formation of Coin Verification Committee

With the release of pools on the app, there has been an influx of users with custom coins asking to be listed. Currently for a coin to be listed they must be verified and for a coin to be verified they must submit the following:

Previous Coin Verification Criteria

New Coin Verification Criteria

These verification requirements are old from the beginning of 2020 and have no measures in place to prevent coins that would harm Incognito’s reputation such as scam coins, rug pulls, etc. Therefore we have decided to form a 5 member committee that will come up with new coin verification criteria and hold a vote on whether or not a coin passes, we believe this is the way to slowly shift decision-making to the community. Coin verification criteria will be made public via another forum post in the coming days.

Committee Member Criteria

Committee members were picked based on 3 categories.

  • Most active forum members & users who joined in 2020 (3 users)
  • Most active Telegram member (1 user)
    • With accurate and detailed replies to users
  • Most active developer with a working product (1 user)
    • Many great choices. Settled on a user who joined early 2020

Committee Members

The committee members will be as follows:

** Special Note ** - Incognito has a ton of awesome and amazing users! Please do not take it personally if you were not selected to be part of the committee. Every attempt was made to base the committee selection on data and not biased.

Custom coins must receive 3 out of 5 committee member votes in order to be verified.

Exchange pool verification criteria

A coin pool will automatically be available if they meet the following criteria:

:white_check_mark: Both 2 coins of the pool are verified
:white_check_mark: Hold at least 10,000 USD worth of liquidity. Data is based on a community poll as viewed in the image (please note: fake accounts were used to spam the poll for the option “Doesn’t Matter”):

The system will check for verification and minimum amount of liquidity every 4 hours, if both requirements are met the pool will be automatically available, otherwise, it will be automatically hidden on the app.


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I think the selection of community members was really thoughtful. Great template for future considerations and roles. Leverages active participation and contribution from members. Kudos to the incognito team.


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