Andrey discusses Incognito with Monero Space

Andrey, the Project Lead at Incognito, explains some basics about Incognito transactions, their DEX, their coin distribution, their network security, and their goals of decentralization.


Great interview and @andrey that would be a awesome implementation for the rewards and Dao funding to be automatically distributed. I can’t wait to get and run my own node. Part of me wants to FOMO for the node out now and part of me wants to just wait for the node tree.

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Hey @jehrenhofer awesome to see you here :tada::+1::+1::+1::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Hey @jehrenhofer we are going to bring reduce slippage for XMR <> BTC & XMR <> DAI trades and focus next couple of months more on maintaining liquidity pools for XMR & DAI to bring it on Bitcoin level.

@elena will share new rates with Monero community next week, once it’s live )