AMA with pTokens - Privacy for Kyber, DeFi, and pTokens

Hey guys!

On July 6th, 2020, we will have an Ask Me Anything session with Thomas Bertani, founder of pTokens! The AMA starts at 4pm BST. You can join the Zoom Meeting here.

We will discuss questions about pTokens, trading anonymously on pKyber, privacy for DeFi, and more.

If you have any questions or comments for the AMA, please reply below!

Also, feel free to invite people who could be interested and share the link to your social media.

See you there!


Ptokens? What’s the difference between ptokens and Incognito’s pCoins? Are the ptokens specifically only used for cross chain purposes? I like that they use MPC.


From what I understand, pTokens are ERC-20 tokens that have large liquidity pools. They are backed 1:1 with their respective crypto. This allows people to use smart contracts with other crypto instead of just ETH. They are basically just wrapped crypto Tokens. Incognito pCoins are not ERC-20 tokens, so they aren’t on the Ethereum network. If we work together though, Incognito pCoins can technically be on the Ethereum network by way of pTokens.

This would make the Ethereum bridge so much better, because we would be able to utilize Incognito’s pCoins in smart contracts.


If a replay is being made available that would be great


Hey @Kelsomatic
Thanks for your question.

@Revolve’s explanation is right. pTokens enable cross-chain composability effectively. They are an essential component for DeFi DApps to be compatible with any crypto asset. Prefix p means provable.

For Incognito coins we have prefix p, which means privacy. Incognito has its own chain and our main goal to allow users to hold, send and use tokens privately.

Soon the full AMA recording will be published on the Incognito youtube. I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I missed the AMA, I can’t wait for the recording to be published.


I missed as well, but was wondering if there was any interest with being able to stake Kyber privately with pKNC and then get a conversion of ETH rewards to pETH?


Hi @craycraycrypto not yet:)

But at the moment you can provide BTC, XMR, DAI, USDT or USDC and get interest on it. You can check the detail here.


Hey guys @Kelsomatic @Revolve @Josh_Hamon @craycraycrypto

We have uploaded the AMA video with pTokens. If enjoy the video please like it and feel free to leave more questions in the comments:)


Thank you for the update Elena. The ama has helped clarify the purpose of the ptoken project.

@andrey – I had the same thought right before you mentioned about collaboration with ptokens since they focus on building bridges. This will free up some time for the Incognito team to push towards the other goals on the road map and concentrate on the privacy aspects.

Thank you for the AMA :fire:


This made me so happy hearing this time stamp.
I would love to see all of pToken future bridges be natively integrated into the Incognito platform. This frees up a lot of time and space for the Incognito devs to focus on the ecosystem and make Incognito the central hub for all private transactions. All we have to do is link deFi and what not to the Incognito chain. Incognito would be the one stop shop for all your financial needs. It wouldn’t matter what crypto your using, you would always be able to use the Incognito platform, for any crypto related function.

This is exciting news!!!