Address Book - Send to people, not addresses.

We are working hard to make the app as easy to use as possible, and one of the aspects to improve is to make the sending feature a lot more intuitive, where users can send crypto to the people they know, not addresses.

Therefore we came up with the Address book. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Make a normal send transaction (works for both send and unshield).

Don’t know how to make a send or unshield transaction? Check out the full instructions here.

Step 2: Once finished, you will have an option to save this address for future transactions.

Step 3: Input the receiver’s details.

Step 4: Done.

Next time you send to the same receiver, you just have to click the Contact icon in the Send screen => Choose the person you want to send => The receiver’s details will be auto-filled.

We hope this feature will help users remove the struggle of switching back & forth between applications to get the to-send address.

Thanks @Ferg40 and many others for suggesting this convenient feature for everyone to use.


This is great, thanks!

One suggestion? (But not of the utmost importance): Can there be an option to add someone to the address book just from going into the transaction history and clicking on the address you sent it to in the past?

I wanted to just add someone I usually send PRV to… my way around this for now was to send them a small amount of PRV (0.10), just so I could get to the confirmation screen where I could add them to the address book.


Sure, that’s a wonderful idea. We are going to tweak the Address Book list in setting so that people can save addresses without having to send any amount first. But with your suggestion, we are going to give people the option to add addresses right in their transaction history.

Thanks Mike.

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That mean I can create an address book before I make transaction like how I use on mobile banking of Sacombank, right? So I think we need to have a favorite icon for favorite addresses in books for a quickly looking for. That make sense?


U will be able to create an address book before u make a transaction, that’s something we are going to improve in the coming updates.
And you are right, we definitely should have favorite icons on our frequent receivers. Or we can just show the top frequent receivers.