Adding Epic Cash

Hi. Checking in to see about adding EPIC to the Incognito platform. What comes next?


Hi Izlo, I’m Jayce, member of Growth Team.

Could you please be more specific about $EPIC? Do you have any connection with core-team so that we can discuss about the possibility of adding EPIC as well as the afterward co-announcement campaign?

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Hi @Jayce_Nguyen,

I’d strongly vouch for adding $EPIC cash to the Incognito ecosystem. I think the core values of Incognito and Epic Development team are very similar.

I’ve been following this project for a little while now and it’s one of the BEST privacy coins that is closely aligned to the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

If you want to learn more about EPIC cash and it being a much better version of bitcoin, please listen to this recent Twitter Spaces recording -

You can also learn more by visiting their homepage:

Here’s a clip from homepage to spark your interest…
About Epic

Hey @Jared, I think you may be interested in the above project too as you’ve shown interest in privacy related projects.

Hey @Jayce_Nguyen, we can discuss more on our scheduled phone call about this project.


Hi @Izlo,

Welcome to the Incognito Community!

I’m very happy that someone from Epic Cash has reached out to have the coin added. It is a great project and one that nicely aligns with many of Incognito’s core values.

I have been a long time Incognito User and supporter of this project. I’m not very technical, but this community has been super helpful. I learnt how to use Linux (for the first time) and setup a node with the help of many in this kind community.

If you are thinking about running your own node to support this project here’s a great starting post by @Rocky

Please do share more about Epic Cash so we can learn about this amazing Privacy focussed project.


Hi Jayce, nice to meet you. Thank you for responding. I reached out a while back but my own bandwidth resulted in me just being another cat in need of herding… hehehe

@ozvozz made a nice Twitter post and that ended up jogging my memory about the intention of the EPIC community to connect here. So, Thank you @ozvozz whoever you may be!

We’ll get there. I’m tuned in a bit better now.


Thank you Linnovations!

Yep, EPIC is at the top of my crypto interests. I’ve never been so plugged into a crypto community. I have learned a lot about money, crypto, and people. And probably many other things lol. Hive mind sort of stuff.

If BTC is Gen 1, Monero Gen 2, I would say EPIC is Gen 3 crypto with more adaptability to transform into future generations where people appreciate privacy, scalability, and sound economics. Of course, one coin can’t do it all so that’s where the ecosystem of Epicenter DAO digital assets come into play.

A few months ago I spun up the incognito app on my phone and it looks really good. I also briefly engaged in some chats about how to integrate. And that’s where my bandwidth dissipated.

Maybe this time we’ll get it sorted and get a better handle on how we can connect EPIC into Incognito

Thank you. Looking forward to it!