Add Pdex to Loopring DEX

Hello fellow Incognito family,

I wanted to share this with the team and devs since the web app is near completion…and liquidity of Pdex is an ongoing topic of great importance. Loopring is unlike other DEX’s in that it basically is a market which is a mix of centralized and decentralized exchanges which are all included through a ring technology for price stability, in leyman’s terms…

This link here explains the different attributes of Loopring and I know the token and project has been gaining a lot of attention as it finishes its V2 Beta.

When I speak to people about PRV and incognito they love the fact that we offer liquidity farming through interest paid in PRV…Hopefully there is a way we can distribute PRV tokens, in combination with working with Loopring to grow the Liquidity of our pDex tokens.

Look forward to hearing everyone’s comments and dev’s address the feasibility of this. Grow the Brand. Increase user awareness of shielding BTC transactions and maintaining anonymity…these are traits we need to not hesitate or delay in bringing to the market and public awareness as much as possible…

People should think Anonymous BTC = PRV.


This is something myself and a few other devs are currently looking into. Not just Loopring, but a layer 2 solution/bridge into Incognito to try and mitigate the excessive shield / unshield fees related to ETH network congestion.


God bless you devs!

If I see a coin consistently on different platforms its credibility goes up and it makes me curious to look into it. Build em’ bridges!