Add liquidity for new pairs other than PRV?

Since the last update, the option to add liquidity is now restricted to only PRV and other coin?


Before I link it to the integration of Uniswap and Kyber and are mistaken.
Let’s ask @andrey

Hey @J053,

Yep, you are right. One of the strongest utilities of PRV is that it’s the only way to buy crypto privately.

Some of benefits of such implementation:

  1. Increase utility of PRV
  2. Facilitate cross-pool trades. BTC < prv > XMR or BTC < prv > USDC.
  3. It’s one of the best ways for new projects to get liquidity against all existing pairs on the Incognito DEX – all they need to do is add liquidity for one pair (pTOKEN <> PRV)

Hello everyone. Since a recent update i don’t find anymore on the app how to invest in a pair like pBTC/pXMR.
It seems that i can only invest in a pair like PRV/ANY CRYPTO.
I’m i true?
Thank you by advance for your answer.

Ok. Thank you for this explication. So why don’t you delete theses pairs if they can not be enhanced?
Point 2. At my point of view, investing is not favored in the case where the investor owns funds on 2 crypto but a few PRV only. There is an additionnal step of conversion.
I’m gonna try seriously to invest as soon as i have a good change rate. Thank you again Audrey for your message.

They cannot since adding/removing liquidity is on-chain/trustless. Only the users who added the liquidities can remove them. The team may censor the pairs via the code but this wouldn’t be ethical. Besides, such interventions may damage users’ trust. Please remember that we are trying to reach complete (maybe utopian) trustlessness via the blockchains.

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